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Updated June 22, 2017

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Information for All Dance Clubs


National Facebook Page

A national Facebook page has been setup to which we invite Clubs to post links to their own club FB pages.  In that way we can create an attractive picture of the Canadian Square Dancing community to the public at large, as well as share information between clubs right across the country.  Link:


Pinterest for Dancers

The second is a Pinterest account that groups together resources relating to square dancing.  The site features 26 boards or files on subjects right across the spectrum of the dance forms supported by the CSRDS.  There are 1,500 links.  The boards cover everything from the best promotional ideas, the best videos to square dance history, traditional square dancing, to a nostalgia board, to youth square dancing, to rainbow dancing, to quirky square dance videos.  You need to set up an account to acess these pinterest resources, but that account is free.  The site is:


We welcome your comments and suggestions for both these sites.

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Rachelle Cournoyer


Peter Grondin & Rachelle Cournoyer

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